No Fixed Adobe NGO (VVA ry) is one of our regular support projects. We have supported VVA with clothing donations that are made suitable for the needs of homeless people in Helsinki as mapped by VVA. With VVA, clothes and shoes have been delivered directly to homeless people living in Finland.

What is VVA?

No Fixed Adobe NGO is religiously and politically unaffialiated civil society organisation founded in 1986 by homeless people themselves. VVA is lobbies for homeless people in different forums, maintains public discussion about homelessness and defends everyone’s right to own home and decent living, and tries to improve the living conditions of homeless people directly in their personal level. VVA considers right to home as human and fundamental right, “that cannot be violated in any circumstances”. The association says that the aim of all of its activities is provide humane home for everyone in decent time.

With its NGO work, VVA aims at further securing the rights of homeless people, increase their participation and decrease homelessness. The annual main event of the organization is “The Night of the Homeless” that is organized on the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 17th of October, in co-operation with other organizations and associations in the health care are social sector. The Night of the Homeless is a reminder that home is a fundamental right, and demands decision makers to act for the eradication of homelessness. The assocation’s Asukki magazine, published since 1987, comes out three times a year.

With its low treshold services, VVA aims at reaching out to homeless people, direct them to services, provide support in overcoming difficult life situations, prevent medical complications and support sobriety. VVA operates two housing units for ex-homeless people: Sällikoti, wichi is one of the first housing services in Finland that has operated with “house first” principle, and Junalijankuja housing unit.

With its Kokema works, VVA aims at strengthening the role of experts by experience in the planning, development and implementation of services for homeless.

Additionally VVA is part of the NEA-project, coordinated by Y-fund, and NUOLI-project (24/7 help unit for young people in difficult life situations, with substance or mental health problems, or potentially living in the street), coordinated by Sininauhasäätiö.

On international level, VVA is part of FEANTSA (The European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless) umbrella organization and the network of homeless and ex-homeless people HoPE (Homeless People).