Kurdish Red Moon’s purpose is to carry out its activities in light of universal values and principles, with the aim to bring assistance free from discrimination in its national and international capacity to alleviate human suffering in Kurdistan and wherever it may be found, with precedence to war zones and areas experiencing the effects of war, disaster areas, areas of poverty in all countries and regions.

Kurdish Red Moon, through compassion and readiness, has made it a principle to work on the basis of transparency and meticulousness, to ensure funds reach families in need safely. This vision ensures the importance of cooperation of all branches of society and values every contribution to help people in need and alleviate their suffering.

Kurdish Red Moon has, among others, raised funds for sustenance of IDP camps in Shehba, Syria, for victims of Turkish bombardments in Northern Syria, to flood affected Qandil region of Kurdistan and to Lavrion refugee camp in Greece. Kurdish Red Moon has delivered food, medical equipment, clothes, hygiene products and other vital goods and services to these and other regions.