There is a storage room in front of our flea market, where you can bring the following items as donations:

  • clean and in good condition clothing and home textiles
  • books, magazines, records, cassettes, DVDs, etc. recordings
  • dishes, cutlery, etc. kitchen utensils
  • sports equipment
  • camping equipment
  • game consoles and games (all ages)
  • all kinds of tools (including defective ones)
  • bicycles (also defective ones)
  • functional small electronics
  • copying machines, printing presses, etc.
  • small furniture


  • dirty and broken textiles and clothing
  • beds
  • sofas
  • large electronic goods (such as ovens, washing machines, CRT TVs)
  • waste
  • rubbish
  • food

Thank you for your donations!

For wills, monetary and real estate donations, please contact us by email emmausjokioinen (at)